Calgary Commercial Photographer Cody James New Blog Post

I’ve been really busy with the development of – (Calgary’s Top Commercial & Real Estate Photographers) We completed the shooting of our first contract this weekend (The images are great thus far) and I’ll update the site with that clients work in the next week. But in between all the ruckus I was able to capture some personal shots that I’m really happy with! I haven’t had the time to process all the shots so here’s a small sample.

This is an artistic shot of my favorite building in downtown Calgary. The Bow! It’s a feature shot on the Alberta Imaging website and is a prime example of how our company will not only offer Commercial companies in Calgary the chance to have their buildings taken in a more traditional fashion (where most of our work will be done) but in an artistic manner as well if desired.


I intended on getting shots of this wheat field with the sun setting, and although those came out pretty nice I got distracted by this little lady bug making his way through the wheat. I slapped on my Nikon 105mm Micro VR lens and captured some wicked shots of this little guy. Here’s a few.

This is a really rad sequence showing him go from stem to stem you can see him stretched out in the first shot trying to get across.

The final shot is just me risking life and limb to capture a beautiful sunset. 🙂

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