Calgary Zoo – My Roots!

Calgary Photographer Cody James shares some insights to his photographic roots.

I first started doing photography (in a more serious fashion) at the Calgary Zoo. I used to provide them photos for their newsletters, brochures, maps, and other marketing materials. In fact my user name (and current logo) are inspired by one of the first images I ever took which was at the Calgary Zoo and of their male lion….

Anyways, had lots of great opportunity to get some shots of captive animals. Pretty happy with this batch, hope you all enjoy.

First shot is of a green tree python – Wikipedia page can be found here: – This species is really beautiful and it’s very interesting how they perch/wrap themselves on a tree branch.

This silver back gorilla was just chilling really close to the viewing area. Seems like he was possibly pondering if he was hungry or what he should do… He sat around really close looking bored for a few minutes then booked it over to his buddies.

I was going for the more ‘fine art’ look on this shot. It was a pretty quick edit too but I really like the look and feel of this one:

Last but not least is my shot of a Meerkat. Seriously these things are so awesome. I’ve only seen clips of Meerkat manor but from what I’ve seen it’s really cool to watch these little dudes do their thing. When we were watching this little guy he was just staring in the sky and I said that it looks like he’s on lookout and it turns out he was! Apparently they have a sentry who just watches the sky and alerts his buddies if anything is incoming. Really cool to see a captive animal still maintain this natural instinct.

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