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So through work and my own personal endeavors I’ve gotten pretty big into website development and through Alberta Imaging I’ve shared quite a bit of my new work and sites but I’d like to spread the word on here as well as I intend on amping up the efforts and providing this service on a more routine basis.

Unfortunately this site is NOT an example of a site I’ve created/developed/run as I started it way back in the day before I was familiar with website development.

Here’s a few of the sites I’ve created previously though:

Alberta Imaging: I started this site as the basis for my Alberta commercial photography endeavors, through this I’ve debuted many new clients, images, and websites.

Interactive Health: Prior to my involvement, this Calgary physiotherapy clinic was in dire need of an overhaul for their website. They were working with outdated material, outdated looks, and an absolutely awful web presence. This resulted in very few new clients organically finding their clinic and they had to heavily rely on patient and Doctor referrals. Once I took over the clinics website development, I set forth an action plan to start drawing in new visitors and creating an attractive blogging service to engage and attract new patients. After only running the website for a few months the clinic is indexing on page 1 for Google under popular keywords like “Calgary Physiotherapy Clinic” “NW Physiotherapy Clinic” “Crowfoot physiotherapy Clinic” and many, many, more! I was also able to implement a ‘Patient’s Login’ where their clients can go in and review workouts assigned for home use.

Aurora Landscapes: A former colleague of mine engaged me on my website development and asked that I create a site for her Fiance’s company Aurora Landscapes Ltd. Their web presence prior to my involvement was a one page Go Daddy hosted page, which as you may have guessed attracted absolutely zero clients and did not properly display the beautiful work they create. With the use of some of my commercial/fine art photography we developed a beautiful website that had an active blog, testimonials, and much more. The content for this site will only grow as they begin to submit more content including sample work, rates, etc. Now if you Google terms like “Calgary Landscaping” their page sites on page one, which has resulted in multiple new clients in just a few months!

Calgary Recruiting: My companies recruiting firm was in need of a trendy website that was blog friendly, and would attract new clients. I’ve done months of research and learning in order to optimize SEO results, this site has been a solid example of how excellent this work has paid off. Not only does this site include advanced coding, featured pricing pages, custom CSS, but it is a lead generator. A tough (somewhat saturated market) of recruiting this site indexes on the front page of Google (and usually Bing) for major ideal keywords including “Calgary Recruiting” “Calgary recruiting firm” “Calgary staffing firm” and so many more including long tailed custom blogged keywords like “Calgary Project Manager Recruiting”

Edmonton Recruiting: A sister site to Calgary Recruiting, this site has a very similar layout so there’s uniformity as we look to grow and expand our reach for our web presence. Although this site is fairly young, it’s starting to attract new visitors every day and will begin to index just as well as the Calgary Recruiting site.

If you’re looking for some stellar Calgary website development services, consider my offerings, I am a certified for inbound marketing through Hubspot and have a tremendous grasp of website development and search engine optimization. My website development will include indexing on major search engines, Google places page, monthly blogging services, backup, security, Hubspot integration, lead conversion, analytics, and much more. Best of all, my rates are incredible affordable! I will be honest, if you’re a large corporation and you’ve come across this, please keep searching, my skills are suited for small to medium sized businesses.







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