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Whether you’re on vacation or in your cities downtown it’s an excellent opportunity to improve your photography skills.

When traveling abroad though its important you due your research ahead of time and really learn the customs of the locals, the last thing you want to do is be an offensive foreigner putting yourself at risk and giving travellers a bad reputation! Often you’ll be told when you can and can’t take photos in more touristy areas, but it never hurts to ask someone if you can take a picture of their home, workplace, or themselves for that matter.

This same sentiment rings true when taking photos in Calgary. Sure you don’t need to ask permission to take someone’s photo in a public area, but would you want a random stranger doing the same to you? Often even the gesture of holding your camera up and looking at that person is enough to know whether they are okay or not, but don’t get to trigger happy on that shutter until they give you the okay!

You’re probably thinking… “Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a candidTurin some ways yes and this is where you exercise your best judgment and decide if that candid is really worth getting into hot water over! But once people know you’re in an area taking photos and are comfortable with your presence you’ll still be able to capture great candid shots.


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