Calgary Portrait Photography

Calgary Portrait Photographer Cody James stresses the importance of mastering your lighting to make the most of your images.

This blog post won’t be overly thorough in terms of details and tips, it’s more of a general statement for budding photographers, with that said here’s rule seventeen of twenty five!


Whether its portraits, macros, landscapes, architecture, you name it the one thing you’ll always have to be keen on is mastering the lighting. As mentioned above I won’t get too specific, simply because there’s far too much information regarding natural lighting and with lighting gear.

You can’t control the sun, but you can make the most of it! For landscapes a sunrise or sunset can make the difference between a good photo and an amazing photo. Portraits can be with natural lighting, strobes, or a combination of both, experiment and find out what works best under your conditions.

Some good resources for lighting can be found here:


Natural lighting

For beginners put an emphasis on learning lighting, how your camera reacts under those conditions, and make the most of your gear and the natural lighting around you.


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