New Portfolios Launched!


If you’ve been following my blogs lately you’d see that there’s been many new shots taken in the last few months, maybe even the last few years, but they weren’t in my portfolio! I’ve launched a brand new portfolio for my Landscapes, Architecture, Nature, and Panorama links! It’s intuitive, mobile responsive, and you will launch a Lightbox when clicked so you can see larger versions. It’ll also be updated much easier, the portfolios are delivered in a random order so you can get a fresh look every time, and all my work has been drawn to single words, allowing clients to quickly explain which photo they’re looking for an like!


Shots from around the world, including my beautiful province of Alberta, as well as Thailand, Vietnam, Iceland, Indonesia and much more!


Images of nature, including Orangutans from Borneo, up close macros of flowers and wildlife.


Buildings, cityscapes, and shots of structures from around the world, including Calgary, NYC, Jakarta, Toronto, and San Fransisco.


Explore the widest shots I have to offer, panoramas of nature, landscapes, and more.

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