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Calgary Photography professional Cody James shares five images from his trip to Thailand.

If you didn’t know, I went to Thailand this year, and last year! From Dec- Jan, it was an incredible trip, I created so many unreal memories and captured some shots I’m so proud to share. If you haven’t had the chance, check out Blog 1 & Blog 2 that cover most of my trips to Thailand and the fun that I had out there!

This image was taken in an outdoor garden, one of the most beautiful spaces I’ve seen, the variety of plants and flowers was unreal. This was taken with my Nikon 105mm.


Another taken from the same area, taken with my Sigma 10-20.


One of my favorite Buddha statues in Thailand, it was truly amazing and the temple was awesome.


Here’s a macro shot with a little twist in editing. Inspired by the show ‘Fringe’ this is another fine art piece.


This was taken in Phuket, I had some crazy lucky timing to have my gear on me and be able to capture this beautiful sunset.


That’s all for now, I have quite a few more images that I’m excited to share but I’ll be releasing more shortly. I’ll also be sharing a post in the near future of my prints at a new location! They’ll be hung up in a Calgary Physiotherapy clinic

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