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Calgary Photographer Cody James shares #13 of his 25 part blog series giving advice, tips, and his perspective on the photography world!

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Now back on track with the #13 (just crossing the halfway point!) this next one is dubbed “Good Photos won’t always fall on your lap” What I’m trying to convey in this blog post isn’t the dead obvious thought that some might be thinking, which is ‘of course it takes hard work, practice, yada yada….’ Sometimes you have to be daring, adventurous, wild, and spontaneous, I can’t even count how many of my greatest pictures were captured spur of the moment, being adventurous, and crossing boundaries. Before you shake your head and disregard this, I am by no means saying that you should ever break the law (i.e. trespass) but don’t be afraid to pull your vehicle to the side of the ride, burst through some thick foliage, and explore what’s on the other side!

A lot of my storm shots were taken in miserable conditions, so prepare your gear for this, even throwing a sweater over top of your camera and lens can go a long way to keeping it dry and regardless of how weather proof your gear is, why get it wet if you can stop it a little? Lightning is always a cause for concern and can strike somewhere in the 10 mile range from the main storm, so even the lack of thunder could still result in a close strike, be conscious and take precautions, but keep the adventure there, some of my coolest shots of lightning and storms were slightly sketchy situations, but the risk was definitely worth the reward!


This photo in particular was taken in the Baiyoke Sky hotel in Thailand, one of the cooler shots I took on my trip, I found an open back door (no signs stating to keep out) in a club area on one of the top floors, I had already gotten in trouble from hotel staff for trying to go outside after the observation deck was closed, but still determined to get some cool shots of the skyline, in doing so I found this area and although I got the vibe that it wasn’t an area for hotel patrons, it was still above board and worth my time exploring the building!

So be bold, don’t break the law, go out on adventures and make the good photos happen!

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