Calgary Photographer Cody James

 Calgary Photographer Cody James shares a final update from his trip to China.

It has been nearly a year since I went to China with Alynn, if you have been following my blog you would have seen the numerous posts where I added some great new shots to my portfolio, but in case you missed them here’s what I had shared previously:

Shanghai & Beijing 2012! – Canadian Landscape photographer Cody James.

China 2012

Fine Art

All in all from the China trip I added well over twenty new photos to my portfolio, everything ranging from fine art to landscapes and a few portraits! Earlier in 2012 I found an awesome Groupon it was for a photo book from photo book Canada and I couldn’t pass it up! Well the coupons expiring so I had to get boogying and create one fast! In doing so I went through my photos from China and found a few new gems that I uploaded to Flickr last night!

This photo is titled ‘Clarity’ it is the back of a Buddha statue taken in a museum in Beijing China.

Clarity Chinese Buddha

I titled this photo ‘dynamic’ it’s an incredible tree that was captured while touring through the forbidden city in Tienanmen Square.


Another Buddha statue, I love the coloring on this photo and cannot wait to have it printed.


This last photo is titled ‘Reflect’ it is from one of my favorite spots in China, a small water town outside of Beijing that had some spectacular views and incredible culture we immersed ourselves in.


In the near future I’ll be sharing my final blog post of the trip to Thailand, and then hopefully not too much later I’ll be debuting some new portfolio shots of the trip to Thailand! We’re also going to be introducing  a new social media service from Alberta Imaging that we currently offer.


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