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Hello everybody! I’m still crazy busy, I did a wedding, family shoot, and am so deep into home renovations that free time is few and far between! But I did realize two things. 1. I’ve neglected this site (especially when you compare it to the many updates I give my works site ) and 2. I didn’t share a few photos that I took a little while back but posted on Flickr! So while I’m busy editing away these other photos that I’m excited to share, I can share these ones in the interim!


After a real estate shoot with Dayla Fuller, a storm ensued, since I had my camera with me I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get back out back roads and get some shots.

This first shot is probably my favorite of the batch! Showcasing some beautiful Alberta canola fields, and mean Alberta skies.

When the sun began to set, Allyn and I set off to Fish Creek park in hopes of hitting the high ground and capturing some lightning in the distance, I swear our timing was just a fraction of a second unlucky for the longest time, we’d hit some giant bolts as we were getting ready to take a new shot, or even worse the shutter would close and seconds later a big one would reign down. We did catch this awesome sun set shot with lightning though:

Calgary Photographer

Earlier in the week I had picked up a MF 50mm Nikon f1.8 for $2 at a garage sale! We said “why not?” and gave it a go. Next thing you know two giant strikes hit, we were so stoked and hoped that the lens would perform as desired. It definitely didn’t disappoint and is the best ROI I’ve ever received on a piece of camera gear.

Calgary Professional Photographer

These next few images are all titled ‘Blurred lines’ which is a play off on some of the lines in the plants I captured having blurred lines and conveniently the song I was listening to at the time.

Calgary Photography

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If you’re in need of a Calgary Photographer for fine art, architecture, charitable of various other prints, services, etc please connect with me!

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