Calgary Panoramic Photographer

Calgary Panoramic Photographer Cody James shares some advice for Panoramic Photography and getting the most of your landscape scenes.

One of the greatest things I’ve learned as a photographer in the digital darkroom is the ability to stitch images together.

I won’t get into the finer details of how to take a panoramic image, there’s a wicked article by Peter West Carey where he gives you 8 guidelines to taking panoramic images.┬áThe article details all of the important aspects to hone in on when trying to capture a panoramic image, take note and start shooting!

Some of my greatest shots that I’ve taken are panoramic images, a majority of the time I will use Adobe Photoshops built in panoramic image stitcher, but I’ve also tested out PTGUI with great success.


Don’t be afraid to go for more than just a straight image across, or straight up and down, try to stack images and imagine your scene as a canvas with nine distinct areas that all need to be captured.

If you’re having issues with lining images up, getting the programs to work, don’t be afraid to hit up Youtube for some tutorials, it won’t always come easy getting all the images stitched together on the first go, sometimes you’ll need a few tweaks on the software, and sometimes you’ll require a second shot over the scene to get it right, but be vigilant in your efforts, once you nail the process the rewards are endless!


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