Calgary Nature Photographer

Calgary Nature Photographer Cody James shares some tips and tricks of the trades he has learned over the years to capture his photography. #5 of 25.

Anyone who knows me, probably knows that I can sometimes be slightly impatient (maybe an understatement) I want to hit one adventure up, experience it, take it in, and move on to the next in as quick as possible. Unfortunately for photography that’s not always going to bring the best results. Sure getting 10 different scenes in one driving adventure might be great on paper, but if they’re not captured properly, or you missed a key point, you can really lose out!

Case in point, how often do we receive lightning storms? Well in Alberta I guess it can be more often than not, but how often are you able to experience them? Sometimes it’s worth scoping out that perfect location, setting your tripod up, and shooting the same spot for 30-60 minutes until you’re sure you’ve got your settings right and captured that perfect strike!

Canadian Photographer


I as much as the next photographer knows how frustrating it can be waiting to capture that perfect scene and falling short, anyone who is big into wild life photography probably knows this frustration ten fold, but persistence and patience do pay off. Sometimes though, getting a great shot can be summed up by impeccable timing and a lot of luck I know I’ve had my fair share of those moments!

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