Calgary Nature Photographer Cody James

As mentioned, I’ve been some older shots from the past, reworking and revisiting, along with slamming out a ton of other work! Trying to keep my portfolio, website, and everything else updated on the go! ┬áHere’s a look at three nature shots I’ve pumped out in recent weeks, the first never being released, the others seen on my Instagram @Calgaryphotographer ! Check me out and follow!


Another angle on one of my favorite shots.


Never edited a photo this way before, but absolutely loved the outcome, I cringe at how many times I’ll be tempted to edit photos using this preset I developed. Yikes!

Luminous II

I recently worked with an interior designer who’s launching some wicked pictures for an Alberta O&G company at one of their buildings, really stoked to share that with everyone once the project is completed! If your company is looking to furnish the interior connect with me and see how a Calgary nature photographer can spice up the walls and bring your building to life!

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