Going through my portfolio, all the way back to China in 2012, I’ve been scouring for new landscape photographs, architecture, nature, and fine art! So far I’ve added 330 photos to my collection in Lightroom, although some are duplicates there’s a bunch to go through, edit, and share! With that said, I’m also really happy to share that I’ve just passed my final exam for the RECA Real estate council of Alberta course and will soon be a licensed agent in Calgary! So I’ve got a lot on the go, new marketing material, logo, website, etc it’s a big undertaking!

But for now I am happy to share two sets of new shots, the first being from Waterton, Alberta

Previously I decided that I was going to drop all my photos from NYC in black and white, but the colours, and range is just too dynamic and I take it all back, so here’s some colour shots from 2013 in NYC!

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