Calgary Fine Art Artist Cody James featuring Jelly Fish shots taken in Thailand!

I had a really wicked opportunity to capture some Jelly Fish while touring around Thailand.

I was really stoked to get these shots, during my first ever scuba diving experience we got to see a giant Jelly Fish, it was incredible, the Jelly was so big that it even had smaller fish inside its hood swimming around! So to be able to capture a few different Jellies and bring back some memories from this trip was definitely rewarding!

If you’ve ever shot something similar to this and want an excellent technique to edit these images a simple function in Photoshop can make a night and day difference. The finished shot initially had a dark black background, definitely not ideal to make the details of the jelly stand out, and really capture its essence. So simply pressing Ctrl + I inverts the colours and thus turns a dark black background into a stand out white background that is excellent for subjects like this!

This first image is just an individual shot, if you head over to my Flickr you can see all the different variations! I’ll share two here.

Calgary fine art

Fine art Calgary

These two images are my favorite of all the shots, they’re a series capturing the motion of the Jelly and I am so excited to see these be prints one day.



You can see how in these next two images the dark background doesn’t allow the jelly fish to stand out and pop.



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