Calgary Photographer Cody James captures some Calgary Family Photography through his new Calgary Portrait venture ACY Photography Calgary. If you’re in need of Calgary Family Portraits, maternity shots, engagement, weddings, or more please contact us for a free consultation.

My new venture ACY Photography specializes in Calgary Family Photography and my girlfriend and I were lucky enough to have the opportunity to capture some photos for our friends Brian & Veronica who recently welcomed their son Andon to the world! We also captured Thea (their first born) daughter!

Here’s a shot showing off his ‘baby blue’ eyes.

Calgary Family photographer

 He was a little grumpy when we were shooting him, but he did give us a few awesome looks, here’s his ‘Elvis Presley’

Calgary infant photography

This blanket is one of our favorite props, Andon really enjoyed how soft it was and started to unwind and relax for a few minutes.

Calgary Infant Photographer

We love capturing unique shots, we do extensive research, peer image review, and create new concepts to capture your precious family moments in ways that aren’t just your typical family photo shoot.

Photographer Calgary

Here’s their daughter Thea having fun with our prop and giving us a wicked smile!

calgary photographer

 For more images head over to ACY Photography Calgary and check out our albums. Thanks!

Calgary freelance Photographers Cody James and Allyn Roemer specialize in family shoots, maternity, engagements, weddings, couples, pets and much more. We offer years of experience, first class photo editing, and bring a unique take and perspective to Calgary portrait Photography.

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