Calgary Photographer Lands in Florida!!!!!! First Stop NASA!

Traveling the world, Canadian Photographer Cody James hits Florida to capture some photos of the Everglades, NASA, & Disney World.


In the middle of November we went on a trip to Florida, I packed all my gear in my Kata 3N1-20 backpack which I HIGHLY recommend. – – I can fit my camera body (lens on) two lenses, in the main (with room for one 50mm and another bigger lens) and my 80-400mm on the top as well. I didn’t expect to get any shots that matched the beauty of Alberta landscapes but there was a lot of different opportunities for unique shots.

First shot is from the U.S. Astronaut hall of fame. It’s the boot from the Navy Mark IV suit also known as the mercury suit. You can find more information on the Wikipedia page here: – It was probably the best looking suit especially considering it was introduced in the 50’s.

This is the latest shuttle that has a tentative launch date for Dec 17th it’ll be the final discovery shuttle launch.  This shot was taken with my 80-400 at  400mm. Just to give you an idea of how far back they kept us from the shuttle, we even paid for a better more behind the scenes tour too. It was definitely an awesome experience, there’s tons of wild life around the Kennedy Space Center including gators, raccoons, eagles, dolphins, tons of birds, and turtles which is pretty awesome and really adds to the experience. In fact we actually paid for an air boat tour through the everglades prior to hitting up Kennedy Space Center and we saw very little in terms of wild life.

Next shot is the LC 39B launch station, it’s inactive and has been since 07.

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