Canadian Photographer

Canadian Photographer Cody James shares a twenty five part blog series giving some valuable advice for fellow Canadian Photographers.

This next blog post isn’t overly technical, you won’t learn any new techniques and really it’s just a few rules I’ve always tried to follow!


Early on I don’t know how many times I left my camera at home, so many missed opportunities! Whether you’re heading to the zoo, going for a drive in the country, or just going on a walk in Fish creek park, bring your camera! It is important to get familiar with your gear when your first starting out so seize the moment and make the most of any opportunities!

When traveling I always bring my gear, try and purchase a bag that has individual slots for each of your lenses, it can be very valuable to find one that also has a rain cover as well for any wet occasions where you’re abroad and don’t have somewhere to stow your gear in. I also find it best to be picky on what gear you string along, it’s not always worth your while to go out and bring the whole lineup of lenses you own.

Get insurance on your gear too, if you’re shooting professionally then you will probably need to get commercial insurance as your personal insurance will usually exclude any professional use!

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